Smart home concept


Smart home, home automation, automated home,… - probably everyone puts a different meaning in these words. For some it may be, for example, means lighting control in the home depending on the time, for others - a developed system with functionalities for monitoring and control of processes and systems in the home in order to provide comfort to residents and optimize the costs. There are already millions of households around the world that use smaller or larger home automation systems.
Using automation, many aspects of everyday life at home can be monitored and managed, from anywhere in the world via a remote access. The degree of convenience increases, almost all electrical appliances, water systems, security, etc. can be controlled.
The home automation system can make everyday life easier for people with special needs.
It can contribute to optimizing the consumption of electricity, heat, including reducing of losses.

Our home automation concept is:

  • We do not use external servers or cloud solutions. All information is collected and stored in your home or office. The security of your data and your home is a priority for us.
  • We use reliable technologies proven in the industry - PLC, SCADA, HMI.
  • We use wireless sensor networks - Zigbee, EnOcean, Wi-Fi, LoRa, but also wired sensors and actuators.
  • For monitoring and manual control you use your phone, tablet or PC.
  • We make complex control algorithms, specific and individual for each application, not ordinary "scenes".
  • . All devices that we include in our systems are tested in real installations.

Completed Solutions









For large homes, we recommend the following structure

For small homes we recommend the following structure

What kind of parameters can we measure, record and monitor?

  • Heat
  • Illumination
  • Air quality
  • Electrical energy
  • Security in premises
  • Elderly care


We do not propose simple "scenes". The control algorithms are implemented by PLC or home hub. This allows an execution of complex tasks depending on the volume and specificity of the managed objects.
We not only control appliances, but also take care of the analysis of human behavior such as tracking of activity, sleep, nutrition and behavior of elderly living alone people.

Levels of management

Two levels of home automation are supported: monitoring and control.

Monitoring includes monitoring of parameters received from sensors and manual remote control.

At the control level an automatic control according to a certain algorithm is also included.

By applying the technical means shown in the two structures, a number of functional solutions can be implemented. The most popular are: